The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Review

Paleoclimatologist Jack Hall must attempt to save his son Sam when he is left trapped in New York City as a sudden international storm is bad enough to plunge the whole planet into a new Ice Age. After his findings and initial readings predict 10-20 years it suddenly starts happening in days!


The Day After Tomorrow is one of my favourite disaster films and I cannot believe that I had never actually reviewed it before. On release I saw it twice at the cinema as well, I tend to get the urge for a rewatch when we have snow as well, you know just incase I need some survival tips or something.

Yes it is dramatic and over the top, but who cares its a film and it looks outstanding at times with the big storm, rain, snow and ice. The effects are rather outstanding with the 2004 release, hence why I went back to see it for a second time at the cinema. It was on another level for this type of film and I still stand by my enjoyment of it now.

Jack doesn’t really seem to have the best relationship with his son Sam with his constant working and then forgetting simple things like picking him up to take him to the airport. Which is quite big to the plot as Sam is heading to New York with his school team for an event, mainly because he has a crush on Laura. The Vice President does not help the situation after Jack and his team find out about the quick changing weather after a conference and then communicating with Terry Rapson as he returns to Scotland and notices some very extreme changes.

The weather was not just a bad storm but a deadly one when it was hitting different places people were instantly freezing, the helicopters going down with everything freezing inside them. I love the scenes in Scotland as it just shows three men still doing there job until the very end. Then we get Jack’s quest to get to New York with Jason Evans and Frank Harris who have worked with him for a few years now. Dr Lucy Hall was left worrying about her son and ex-husband as she was left with a young cancer patient when they did not leave an ambulance for him!

I certainly find it entertaining still, again just enjoy the different special effects and everything that is going on because it is a good watch. Obviously if you don’t like this disaster type film then it will not be for you at all. Dennis Quaid is always likeable enough and that is perfectly used in this one. Jake Gyllenhaal is good as well one of his more moving from teen to young roles. Emmy Rossum has some good moments as well as Sela Ward was also given a few good scenes as well. Ian Holm was obviously my favourite and I do wish we had more scenes with him in, I loved the reaction to possibly using the whiskey to fuel the fire!

8 thoughts on “The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Review

  1. Yeah, love the strangeness of a good disaster film, and this is definitely one of the good ones.

    I believe Roland Emmerich loves also selling real-life issues through his films like this, so obviously climate change in this case but how far ahead of the curve?! Good cast as well.

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