Snakes on a Plane (2006) Review

FBI agent Neville Flynn while onboard a flight from Honolulu to LA with a witness in a big case against a mob boss finds himself battling against deadly venomous snakes that have been set off on the plane.


Sean Jones had been just enjoying himself when he witnessed the brutal murder of an American prosector by mob boss Eddie Kim, in order to eventually make him pay for everything he has done Flynn managed to persuade Jones to testify against him in LA. Taking the red-eye flight and taking over the full first class section everything seemed to be perfectly normal. That was never going to be the case though and the snakes were released once the plane was airborne with a timed device in the luggage compartment. Causing utter devastated and chaos, with the plan from Kim to cause the plane to crash and avoid the testimony against him!

I mean come on the title of the film alone should tell you not to take this one too seriously, Snakes on a Plane! I still remember rather vividly seeing this at the cinema back in 2006 and becoming an instant cult film with myself and friends who saw it, one of those “so bad its good” I feel that is the best way to describe it. Especially given the first snake attack being on a couple having sex in the plane toilet. I mean that in itself is impressive given how small they are right? Then the reaction from the crew to be hilarious as they are oblivious that they actually were getting killed by snakes!

It gets more ridiculous as it goes on and that is something that I actually love about the film, it goes full throttle into it all. Having a celebrity on the flight who does not like being touched, people annoyed with not being allowed in first class and then quite frankly the greatest moment a computer game player using those skills to actually land the plane! (Yes Kenan Thompson!) We do also get some rather brutal deaths by snakes which is not really something you see very often.

You cannot fault the entrainment value (as long as you don’t take it seriously remember) and only Samuel L. Jackson could make this one work. The moment of “I’m sick of these motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane, everybody strap in” is quite frankly iconic! This is something I love about Jackson he goes all in which ever role he takes on and this one is no different at all. His charisma shines through and if he wasn’t in the film I don’t even think we would have heard of it!

I have to admit it was quite fun revisiting it for #FridayFakeCinemaClub

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