Body of Lies (2008) Review

Roger Ferris is a CIA Agent who is on the ground in Jordan and has the job of hunting down a powerful terrorist leader, however he is caught in a tough situation when the intentions of his American supervisors are unclear and with Jordan Intelligence.


Roger Ferris begins his journey in Iraq as he is tracking a terrorist named Al-Saleem, when he meets a man named Nizar who is a member of the terrorist organisation but is prepared to offer information in exchange for asylum in America. However when Ed Hoffman his boss does not agree with this approach, it is the start of a very slippery slope for Ferris. Everything they are supposed to be working towards is preventing more attacks in the UK as unknown terrorists plan to follow up bus bombings in Sheffield with more attacks in Manchester.

Attempting to find out who is setting up the attacks is something that is rather interesting within the film, as it mainly shows that they have absolutely no idea at all which also means they have no idea how to stop them. Something that always makes me wonder since 9/11 how many possible attacks have actually been stopped? I mean we have had them in all different places and a few in the UK as well but what don’t we see and find out about?

One moment in the film when they made up a new terror organisation seemed like a very good move to draw out the real terrorist group or groups who were planning the next attacks. Considering so many people seem to become radicalised due to online behaviour it must be very difficult to tell who is actually linked to who now. I feel this film manages to highlight that especially given this film was released in 2008, so thirteen years on and it makes you wonder what has changed in that time in terms of fighting against terrorists.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe were great choices for the film and I felt they had great chemistry together. Showing that you can at times have a love hate relationship with your boss but that it can also work out very well in the end, especially in that manner. DiCaprio always pushes himself within his many types of roles and this is another he is a joy to watch. Crowe is the same in that sense of different types of roles. Mark Strong was a particular stand out and that is something that is very pleasing.

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