The Witches of Eastwick (1987) Review

When Daryl Van Horne arrives in a small town the lives of three women Alexandra Medford, Jane Spofford and Susie Ridgemont are about to change when they have wishes granted but this comes at a high cost.


The Witches of Eastwick sees the three friends who are all now single having previously been married, the marriages ending for different reasons they now all feel repressed emotionally and sexually. They talk about the lack of suitable men in the small town and what they would really want in a man as well, enter Daryl Van Horne who is vulgar, crude, brazen and not really all that handsome. Actually he is a truly repulsive man, yet he has a power that is then used over each of the women at different times and he quite easily seduces them.

Causing havoc not only for Alexandra, Jane and Susie but for the town on the whole when quite frankly horrific things happen to Felicia Alden as her husband Clyde is helpless as she appears to be going utterly crazy and odd things happening to her.

I have been meaning to watch this film for many years now and quite frankly it was not as good as I was expecting. It has it moments where something is pretty good, but then also moments where it was just a little bit too off the wall even for me! I like weird things and films but this was just a little bit too odd, I am struggling to explain in which way I mean that, I was just hoping to be blown away and just found it pretty average. Although I will praise the final scene as I felt that was rather amusing and great at the same time.

The cast is fantastic though with Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson all sharing the more leading roles in terms of screen time as well. I am not really sure why but I always find myself impressed with Cher, surely by now having seen her in many films this is not how I should be feeling? Pfeiffer has such a wide range of roles and quite frankly is up for anything that is a little bit different. Sarandon again will do all types of roles and I feel she was the perfect match for the other two and they were all great together. Nicholson is one of my favourite actors and I seriously think he had to be the only choice for this role!

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