A Rainy Day in New York (2019) Review

Young couple Gatsby and Ashleigh travel to New York City for a week, as she has an interview with famous film director Roland Pollard and writer Ted Davidoff. While Gatsby must try to avoid his family considering he told his mother he could not attend her party that evening.


A Rainy Day in New York should probably been called a boring day considering everything about this is truly boring and does not contain anything remotely romantic or funny. If this is the standard of romantic comedies now we really are struggling. The characters are all insufferable and truly horrid to one another.

Ashleigh is pathetic supposedly enjoying her relationship with Gatsby but as soon as she meets Roland and Ted she pretty much forgets about him and cancels all of the plans they had made for that day. Getting worse when Roland goes off on one and she attempts to find him then bumping into famous actor Francisco Vega, basically she is an utter slut who was willing to do anything with these three men. I just felt that was the worst possible message to send with a young female character with men in power, it was nothing against them at all it was all her.

Gatsby isn’t really much better of a character either, pretty much flunking out of college due to making so much money gambling. However coming back to New York could be the best thing for him when he is reunited with Chan the younger sister of a girl he use to date many years ago. So yeah basically they should never have been together at all. If that was the whole point of the film it really is not worth the journey to get there.

I usually find myself enjoying Woody Allen’s films where he is not actually in them, but this one really had no substance or anything at all going for it. With New York in the title you could at least hope for some fantastic scenic shots of one of the greatest places in the world. But no, we don’t even get that either so couldn’t even think oh at least this scene looked good.

Self centred and entitled characters who have no depth at all. That includes the supporting characters as well who are just as bad, not really feeling anything for any of them. Such a shame considering the cast are rather decent. Timothee Chalamet has been the next big thing for quite a while now and seems to be get lumbered with the similar type of characters who appear arty and mysterious. Elle Fanning is an actress who I have decided I just do not like or get at all, truly bland and boring with no charisma or special acting ability. I’ve thought that for a while now with her wooden performances and this film more than confirms my theories on her. Liev Schreiber is probably the only one who can have a little bit of credit. Jude Law was hardly in the film at all, could probably be classed as more of a cameo than anything else. Selena Gomez was underused as well.

I’m classing this film as one of those where I watched (and suffered through it) so you don’t have to!

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