The Cold Light of Day (1996) Review

Viktor Marek a rather troubled detective who is sacked from his role when he does not agree with the decision made by a superior in the arrest of a scapegoat for a pedophile who has murdered three little girls. He becomes obsessed with finding the actual killer.


The Cold Light of Day was not what I was expecting at all when reading the brief plot outline, I thought it sounded interesting and engaging. However, it was extremely tough to watch and extremely inappropriate throughout. I mean this is not the first time that we have seen serial killer/pedophile’s on screen and shown in a better way than in this mess of a film.

Marek when seeing Anna a young girl out alone near the woods where the previous girls have been killed decides to meet her mother and then even rents the petrol station along with a house attached to it. Quickly asks them to live with him and he will help them with money and food. I mean lets face it that was utterly horrific anyway before we even get into the fact that he wants to use her as bait to catch the deranged pedophile. Have you ever heard of a worse thing to do to a child, putting them in harms way.

I just couldn’t really believe that was a plan of a man who was actually a detective, like seriously? Vladimir Kozant the deranged pedophile who prays on the young girls, we actually see him working as a doctor. Then a highly inappropriate scene that really did make me feel squeamish, as he examined a young girl.

Sometimes you wonder why you have never heard of a film before then you watch it and you instantly find out why you have never heard of it before! I am a big fan of Richard E. Grant and felt as though he was tremendously miscast in this film which was a shame as in that detective role sounded quite exciting. Perdita Weeks probably is the only performance that can be praised a little bit as young Anna she was very good, but put in awful situations.

Please avoid this film, I watched so you don’t have to certainly comes to my mind.

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