Twist (2021) Review

A modern update on the story of Oliver Twist. We follow Oliver as he free runs his way around the roof tops of London and meets Dodge one day when running from the police and it’s not long until he meets Fagin.


We have Oliver back but this time no Victorian era London and no singing and dancing! Instead we get a modern day London where Oliver alone after the death of his mother with an obsession with art as she was a good painter. He then meets Dodge and Batesey one day running from the police and is taken in by them into the family set up with Fagin the leader, a former art dealer who is working on a plan to get back at his one time business partner Losberne after he stole and hid some very expensive paintings.

We don’t really get to pick a pocket or two in this one but we do still have Nancy or should I say Red? Not forgetting that Dodge has had a gender swap to female as well as Sikes now a woman and also a lesbian. I really didn’t mind those small updates and felt as though they fit not only the story but the cast as well, fitting together well with the story. Not that the story was massively complex or anything but it manages to get plenty of action sequences. This leads me very nicely into something that I absolutely loved the free running around the roof tops of London scenes I really thought they were put together well and looked great adding something totally different to the characters. This also helped show how they were good at being thieves. It didn’t take Oliver long to fall for Red and the fact she was with Sikes was not a good move in that sense!

I don’t imagine this update being for everyone but I am happy to say that I found escapism within it and actually enjoyed it. A decent young cast mixed in with Michael Caine and then Lena Headey looking for those Game of Thrones breakaway roles. I mean let’s face it Michael Caine was the only choice for Fagin wasn’t he? Being in London and given the new storyline. Although the less said about the terrible Russian “disguise” the better. Headey was quite frankly evil in this one and liked to use that gun! David Walliams brought the right amount of sleaze in his role as Losberne.

Rafferty Law was just brilliant as Oliver Twist and a joy to watch. I couldn’t help but think about how much he looks like his dad (Jude Law, just incase you didn’t know) not constantly but certain ways he would turn and talk! Really is a dead ringer and it looks as though he has a lot of promise in his acting career. It also made me wonder if Michael Caine felt old working with the son after working with Jude on Sleuth! Rita Ora, Sophie Simnett and Franz Drameh offered some good support with the cast working very well together.

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