The White Tiger (2021) Review

Balram is a poor Indian driver who manages to rise up against all of the odds. Coming up with a cunning plan to break free from his life of being a servant to his rich masters, who have full control over him.


The White Tiger is an incredible journey following Balram as he attempts to better himself, I am sure that this is something everyone around the world can relate to. We all want more money, a better job and to be more respected. That translates to anywhere that is very much true.

A difference for Balram in India, moving to a big city from his small country life he is expected to look after his family and send money back home to them. This is something he absolutely hates doing for all of his hard work. Attempting to distance himself not only from his family but what his life once was. He ends up driving for Ashok and Pinky who have recently returned to India from the US, living in New York. This has given them a very different view of how things work in India.

He must drive and give leg/foot massages to his other masters and it is quite frankly tough to watch some of those moments. Especially when you think about how this happens a lot and people have to do those jobs. It is rather tough viewing to say the least but those scenes help us built a rapport for Balram and truly feel sorry for him. Which is important with what will unfold as we follow his journey.

I certainly was not expecting that twist though with the incident in the car, but I was expecting Balram to then be given the blame from his masters. Serious rage passed over me as he was being forced to sign the “confession” I was so annoyed with that and wanted to shout out not to do it, obviously I know he couldn’t hear me. Just wanted to try and highlight how annoyed that moment really made me.

Pinky and Ashok appear to be sympathetic towards Balram and have different attitudes towards the situation. Although I will admit that I just felt she was a total bitch, until that turning moment and she pretty much breaks down and heads back to New York. We don’t particularly end up feeling sorry for Ashok though given the money he is taking to different members of the government for his family to be able to do what they want. Something Balram eventually decides to take advantage of, his plan seems to come from nowhere and explodes.

Does it highlight that if you had the right amount of money you could make you life just that little bit better? Well, that certainly could be one way to look at it that’s for sure. But you must have a long term plan. I enjoyed the film as I felt it had an interesting story that people can relate to then good performances to tie into this. Adarsh Gourav being the stand out and much needed really given he was in the leading role. Engaging and real feeling throughout makes for a very interesting journey. Priyanka Chopra albeit a rather small role is also impressive and it was a shame that we didn’t get to see more of her. Rajkummar Rao did the conflicted man in a very good manner.

3 thoughts on “The White Tiger (2021) Review

  1. Ah man, I had ‘serious rage’ too! As you may have read from my review, it struck a little too close to home with the Salman Khan case.

    I agree that Balram was definitely playing a waiting game once he started to understand what was going on around him and how he was being used.


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