Ammonite (2020) Review

In England in the 1840s Mary Anning a rather reclusive fossil hunter is about to have her world turned upside when Charlotte Murchison arrives to recover a trauma, with an intense and passionate relationship developing between the pair.


Ammonite is a very slow burner of a film which I have to admit that I found utterly dull and boring. Even after an hour nothing had really happened and I was starting to wonder if I could make it through. We have quite a lot of films that take this approach and they are rather difficult to get into. However, something did save this one and that was the passionate they showed towards each other when they eventually kissed and had sex. Seriously my god it was pure unreal passion. I feel sorry for anyone who has never and will never experience wanting and needing to be into someone as much as Mary and Charlotte need to be touching and tasting each other.

For me though the best thing about this is that I really did not care that this was between two women, it was extremely passionate and hot. Done in the best possible manner and not sleazy. I have always been more of a fan of less is more when it comes to sex on screen, unless of course it can be done with so much passion. The passion of showing that it is coming from a deep love forming as well and not just a physical thing. I was taken aback by it all honesty considering I had entered the boredom phase, after that though it does have plenty of emotional moments that make it more than worth watching.

Charlotte was rather ill and her husband pretty much just left her with Mary. Which was a little bit strange I guess in the sense that she was coming to terms with the loss of a baby. Although putting him in that bad light and how much he didn’t really care about his wife could easily be seen by pushing her away.

The ending was more brutal than I could have imagined, like don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting a happily ever after time or anything. But Charlotte assuming Mary would be happy with everything she had arranged was a little bit much and I actually agreed with her not being well into it. Then I guess with the final moment we can decide for ourselves what would happen next.

That intensity is not something that is easy to capture and I felt that Kate Winslet being the more hardened of the pair certainly added to the film. Her performance was excellent and I would even go as far as her character is withdrawn due to her sexuality and wanting to keep that hidden. Given the time period a difficult thing to admit and openly be. Saoirse Ronan then offers a kind of opposite type of person, when Charlotte is back to her full health of course. Gemma Jones also offered some very good support, along with Fiona Shaw having a true defining moment.

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