Outside the Wire (2021) Review

In 2036 Harp a drone pilot is sent into a war zone after failing to follow orders at his current base. He finds himself working with Captain Leo a top secret android officer and is on a mission to stop a nuclear attack.


When Harp arrives in his new post he had no idea that BioTech robots that looked human were part of the military and even though he looks human certainly does not act that way as Leo is pretty much an advanced super soldier. Meaning he is expendable which is something that Harp really struggles with, after all he sees him as a person.

Outside the Wire has some decent moments and the idea behind the newly made super soldiers is pretty impressive especially given the level of detail to then appear as human. I thought that was probably the best thing about the film. Really putting a lot of time and effort to show the advances in technology and the strides taken forward when it came to war and battle.

The action sequences were impressive and very loud at times, is there anything else we really want from those moments? Probably not, as they looked good and it was something that I felt was a real step up for Netflix in this genre. Great to see that they are putting in a lot of money to push the original content forward.

While I went into this film because Anthony Mackie was in it, I mean who isn’t a fan after his work in the Marvel Universe? Especially given what is coming with that in the future. So we pretty much know we are going to get in terms of the action from him which was good. I felt though that Damson Idris really stole the limelight with the film and I was very impressed with his performance from start to finish. I felt he more than held his own in the scenes with Mackie and impressed me a lot.

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