Monsoon (2019) Review

Kit is a British Vietnamese man who returns to Saigon for the first time in over 30 years, after his family fled during the Vietnam-American War. Not recognising the place and coming to terms with the deaths of both his parents.


Monsoon should have been an extremely emotional journey it was however a little bit lukewarm in that sense. Had little pieces of emotion thrown together which didn’t really come off as powerful as it was probably intended. Kit had made the trip to Vietnam ahead of his brother to find a place to scatter the ashes of his Mother. They needed to decide where to scatter both parents ashes and he travels across the country to different places in order to work out where would be best.

Along the way he meets Lewis and it seems as though they could have something quite special. Although that does not stop him having sex with other men on his way with the ashes. All of that was a little bit strange and didn’t fully link the story together in the best possible manner, which was a slight shame really.

At times it felt that the film wasn’t truly sure what it was trying to be, I am still a little bit unsure myself in all honesty. Something I did enjoy was the different shots in Vietnam as it is a place that is certainly on my travel bucket list. Although the 36 hours on a train would be very tough going! Also confirming the amount of mopeds/bikes that are around the country as well, something that looks absolutely crazy.

Kit does have a slight identity crisis where he now sees himself as British having spent most of his life in England and coming back to his birth place was a tough time. Having to think about why his parents left with the war and the decisions they had to make. Although can we all just love the reason his mother chose England? Because she once saw a picture of the Queen and thought she looked nice! I really did enjoy that very small scene as thought it felt very pure.

Henry Golding is strong enough in the leading role and has really become an actor that I throughly enjoy watching. This is a very different type of role to what he has taken on so far and that is something that I admire and how he continues to do throughout his career. Which is growing a lot very quickly! Parker Sawyers was good as well, although I felt he could have had more screen time to really push that budding relationship.

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