Highlander (1986) Review

Connor MacLeod currently living in New York City just happens to be an immortal Scottish swordsman. Going by the name Russell Nash he is the owner of an antique shop and when he is challenged to a sword fight this is when he begins to recall his life in the sixteenth century back in Scotland.


Highlander is somewhat of a cult classic film and this was the first time I have ever watched it. Which I am guessing is why I don’t feel a whole lot of love towards it? I thought it was a little bit bonkers and quite frankly not very entertaining. Knowing the cult following I was expecting something a bit better than this. Although I will be honest I didn’t have a clue about the story at all before watching it. Just the basic plot of it being in New York City in “present day” rather than the Scottish highlands.

The opening scene and the decapitation was certainly a way to kick start the film. It then turned out that Russell Nash had a secret and past life as Connor MacLeod. Who had been living carefree in NYC until he was challenged to the sword duel. We are then shown his history in flashback form to 1536 and how he would learn his fate as an immortal. Which leads to Juan Sanchez-Villalobos Ramirez training him even though they would be destined to battle against each other. The fact that all immortals believe that in the end there can be only one.

I cannot really pick out what exactly made me feel negative towards the film but I guess it was more than I didn’t really like anything rather than hating it (if that makes sense). I felt like I was waiting a lot of the time for Sean Connery to appear and when he did I was quite surprised to that he was supposed to be Egyptian. I will give praise to Christopher Lambert as I really did think he did very well in the leading role. Pretty much playing two characters really with the present day NYC character and then the flashback scenes to different eras. Certainly more than just playing on standard role.

So I’m sorry to say that I didn’t fully fall for this film and can’t count myself as a fan. I am wondering had I watched it many years ago if I would have felt differently for the film. I certainly think that could have been the case.

4 thoughts on “Highlander (1986) Review

    • I’m glad that actually seems to be a thing with people, I thought it was a very loved film. Although the soundtrack with all the Queen songs was the only part I liked haha

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  1. Yeah, I think you needed to see it back in the day! I was just the right age, loved it, but totally aware now that it’s not a great movie and more a cool idea that could have been done so much better. But haha the sequels are all so much worse!

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