Get Carter (1971) Review

A London gangster named Jack Carter is about t return to his native of Newcastle to investigate the sudden death of his brother in what was supposedly a car accident. He was going to find out what really happened no matter what!


Get Carter is a film that I have heard quite a lot about over the years, probably because I am from the North East and the whole thing surrounding the car park in Gateshead featured in a couple of scenes. Other than that I quite frankly didn’t know anything about the plot within the film.

I guess I need to really start by saying that I just did not like the film at all. Nothing about it struck any cord with me and quite frankly they were just all horrible people. I think I realised this film was not going to be for me when it opened with the scene of them watching the porn. At that point I really thought this is not going to be for me. I decided to keep going and watch it because surely it could get better? Also trying to spot the different locations in and around Newcastle. Although after all this time it has changed a lot, the Tyne Bridge was easy to spot though!

As Jack Carter returns to Newcastle, I decided that he had just been in London for a very long time hence the cockney accent rather than Geordie. However when actually arriving in Newcastle did they also forget to have Geordies? Hardly any accents going on at all which I found to be very disappointing. Anyway the plot isn’t really all that complicated when Carter does not believe that his brothers death was an accident and the story that he was very drunk and decided to drive did not sit right with him.

This leads him into the Newcastle underworld as he begins to track down who he believes was actually responsible for the death. Quite frankly I wasn’t even bothered about the first half and hour. The film has dated rather badly and that was something that I was half expecting. Then the way the female characters were portrayed was tough to watch, I know this is often an issue watching older films but with the porn factor it was really highlighted more than normal.

Probably shouldn’t have actually watched this but I guess I would never have known that I didn’t like it? I mean Michael Caine’s performance is strong enough but everything else was just rather lacklustre. I am guessing though that it was rather groundbreaking at the time? If anyone can confirm or deny that it would be much welcomed. I know it is loved so kinda feel like I need to apologise? Oh also phone sex was a thing in the 1970s, what a strange scene that one was!

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