Misbehaviour (2020) Review

A group of women plan to disrupt the 1970 Miss World beauty competition in London, coming together with their hatred for it. Wanting better rights for women in the process.


Misbehaviour could have been utterly fantastic, given the cast they put together and then how inappropriate the Miss World beauty competition has always been. However, somewhere the morals behind the story get a little bit lost and it feels more of an attack on Bob Hope and his life style choices. I mean I didn’t really know much about Bob Hope other than he had hosted the Oscars the most times but this film really does hit on him hard! I mean I get it was his jokes during the 1970 competition which then started the protest and flour bombs. But before that it felt like a very personal attack on him rather than just the event.

Sally Alexander wants things to change for women and she has been working hard after a failed marriage and a child she applies to start University which was something she did not think would be approved. Wanting to work very hard to change everything rather than the protests. However with her writing skills she gets involved with Jo Robinson and the newly formed women’s liberation movement and this is when everything is then pushed forward and targeted on the Miss World event. Invading the stage and disrupting the live broadcast. Something quite frightening was that at this time it was the most watched TV Show in the world.

Watching this now in 2020 and the way they were paraded around the stage and everything it stood for is quite shocking really. I mean to be fully objectified in that manner has always been horrendous. Throwing into the story was that Bob Hope actually had a life long affair with a former Miss World winner hence why his wife was not happy about him hosting it again in London.

I just felt as though the real life women were let down a little bit by the way the story unfolded as could and should have been so much more. It was great to see them appear at the end though in the present day. a very nice touch!

Performance wise Keira Knightley was good in the more leading role and that is something I have said a lot in recent years. She really has grown on me over time and I do admire the types of roles she has been taking on. Jessie Buckley has had a very good couple of year and that certainly continues with this one. I need to mention that it took me the full first thirty minutes of the film before I realised it was Greg Kinnear as Bob Hope, that nose certainly put me off. Nice little appearance from Lesley Manville as well as Dolores Hope. Then Gugu Mbatha-Raw deserves a mention as well playing Miss Grenada, in what would actually be a groundbreaking competition with or without the protests taking place as well.

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