Fatale (2020) Review

Derrick has a one night stand with a woman when in Vegas. Little did he know she was actually a detective and suddenly turns up on a case of a break in at his house. Everything is about to get very complicated for him!


Fatale attempts to be very risqué and adding to the thrilling moments with poor twists and turns that you can see coming a mile away. When Derrick was in Vegas on a stag do, he was not wearing his wedding ring so we have to give that to Valerie as she did not actually know. Although they both gave one another fake names anyway! I guess they had reasons for that, although given the pace of the film and the two truly unlikeable characters I personally did not care about either of them.

I feel that was the main issue. That both leading characters had flaws which is perfectly fine, but even without them they wouldn’t have been likeable at all. Both so self involved and not caring about anyone around them. Valerie not being able to see her daughter and acting like she was actually bothered one second and then doing something utterly crazy the next. Confirming that she really wasn’t bothered about her at all, then Derrick really could not be bothered about his wife at all. Again she wasn’t likeable either, so a familiar trend with the whole film that the characters were not nice and therefore the film resulted in a very poor showing.

Hilary Swank is one of those actresses where I will watch her in quite frankly anything. Her double Oscar winning fate quite early in her career and one of those being for my all time favourite film Million Dollar Baby is something that feels like has backfired. The standard of the films she has been in over the past decade is rather disappointing and Fatale has continued that trend. Such a shame that these thankless roles continue to happen, I just like to think she isn’t really offered anything that is actually half decent?

Michael Ealy was given a tough role as lets face it we don’t like Derrick and his choices, therefore we did not actually care about him at all. That was another factor to not really getting into the film. It is therefore hard to establish whether or not this was a poor performance or just not given much to work with?

The attempts to make it thrilling with a couple of twists didn’t really work out very well for me either, as it was rather obvious what would happen next and then took away any edge it might have had with a more complex plot.

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