The Sopranos Gifts

With eventually catching up with The Sopranos this year, something my brother has been telling me to do for the past decade at least. Anyway I caught up and truly adored everything about it. That meant his Christmas presents to me this year were Sopranos related and both quite frankly outstanding!

The first this tiny portrait of Tony Soprano the version Paulie had it changed to on a tiny vessel, I mean just look it and tell me you aren’t smiling right now!

As I was watching the show he kept asking if I was up to Pine Barrens yet . . . As were people on social media when I was tweeting about the show. Therefore the second is an incredible drawing from that very episode, this is from Citizen Smith Designs!

Sure impressed with both of these and certainly made me smile and laugh (that portrait man). Did anyone else receive anything film and/or TV related as Christmas presents?

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