Promising Young Woman (2020) Review

Cassie a young woman who is traumatised by a tragic event in her past seeks out vengeance against those who were involved. Moving at a fantastic pace throughout with plenty of twists along the way.


Cassie was on the road to success or so she thought when she was in medical school and therefore having a good future ahead of her. However that was to be short lived when it didn’t work out. The reason behind that? Her best friend at the school was raped and no one did anything about it. Until now of course, years later one by one Cassie is ready to send a message and teach them all a lesson. To begin with you basically just think that she is utterly crazy. but when the reason behind her behaviour comes to light it makes more sense.

The best thing about the pace of the film was that you never got enough time to process the previous event. I say that as a good thing because your head is left spinning as Cassie teaches someone a lesson. Her friend Nina who had suffered at the hands of her classmates was extremely drunk, too drunk to be able to consent. She ended up killing herself due to the trauma. Something that is surely every woman’s worst nightmare when nothing is actually done to help you out.

Each person Cassie visits is told something a little bit different in terms of how they actually could have helped with the situation. Surprisingly it was not just males she was targeting. Women were at fault as well, a fellow classmate and a worker at the University. Both of those situations were incredibly tense. I think because we expect fellow women to show more empathy and help in this type of situation. Each man she visits as horrible as it sounds as a viewer we expected that behaviour. Seriously though how is that still even the case? But hopefully a film this powerful and on point will help raise awareness in a very different way.

The twist was something that I was not expecting at all and pretty much sat in utter disbelief for about ten minutes for the ending to absolutely blow me away and manage to make me feel happiness. Something that I did not think would be possible given the previous event, but it certainly ends on a high in a very satisfying manner.

The #MeToo movement has certainly done a lot to make women and quite frankly everyone aware of what is not acceptable behaviour, although it does make you wonder how this was not already know. Promising Young Woman does a truly fantastic job in hitting home that message, just incase it wasn’t clear enough for some people.

I have been a huge fan of Carey Mulligan for years now, feeling the heartbreak in An Education and closely followed her career ever since. Could her amazing turn in Promising Young Woman win her an Oscar? Well, at the very least she will surely be nominated. Within the role of Cassie she takes on what can be described as many personalities with each person. Engaging and shows her spectacular screen presence throughout, a certain career highlight!

This is the first film directed by Emerald Fennell who also wrote the screenplay, I certainly cannot wait to see what she brings us next!

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