Happiest Season (2020) Review

Abby thought her life was pretty perfect with her girlfriend Harper with them living together for a year but when they head to Harper’s family for Christmas its revealed that her family aren’t aware that she is actually gay.


Happiest Season is a refreshing romantic comedy that is at Christmas time. We have had quite a lot like this one in recent years having to meet your partners family at quite possibly the worst time of year when people are just that little bit extra crazy. But this one throws in an added extra to make everything more complicated. Harper has never come out to not only her parents but her sisters as well. Considering her father Ted was about to run a campaign to become mayor and she is quite obviously the favourite, she does not see this as the right time for the announcement.

Obviously this makes everything very tricky and difficult for Abby as she is no longer allowed to just be herself and must hide again. I found this very frustrating to watch and could not help but feel so sorry for Abby. You are left wondering if Harper will ever do the right thing or not and it certainly takes quite a long time for that to be resolved. Throwing in her two sisters Sloane and Jane, each with different issues and problems. Sloane and Harper certainly clash a lot, if only they actually just spoke to one another and worked out what the other was going through.

Not forgetting the lovely John who was always there for Abby and makes for some lovely little moments. Then we have the twins who manage to continue the tradition of creepy film twins that’s for sure! Tipper the mother being obsessed with the campaign and her new found instagram account for promotion (which is real and you can find on the app, a lovely little touch and tie in with the film). The way Harper falls back with her High School friends is something that makes you wonder how much you change over the years. Riley was a good addition though and I felt the scenes with Abby were really good to get different opinions on the situation.

It’s well over due to have more LGBTQ representation in this genre of film (I mean in any film would also be good) however with this being the main focus of Happiest Season it really is a huge step forward. Especially considering just how good this turns out to be. This has a lot to do with the very good performances with Kristen Stewart leading the line with this. I love how she continues to grow and picks so many different types of projects, this being another to add to that varied filmography. Dan Levy straight from Schitt’s Creek as John was an aspect that I utterly adored.

3 thoughts on “Happiest Season (2020) Review

  1. I kinda wish I hadn’t seen the trailer(s) because it did steal more than enough funny lines BUT it’s still a great watch, really enjoyed it and – as you say – some proper representation in this manner is way, way overdue.

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