Mulan (2020) Review

Mulan is a young Chinese maiden who disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her ageing father from war.


Visually the film looks outstanding that has to be highlighted from the start of this review. Filmed within New Zealand with one a small amount in mainland China. Mainly because that is what really sets it aside from the other live action remakes that we have had from Disney (so far) with many differences from the animated version. We have lost the talking dragon, although how that would have worked within this film is something that I could not really work out so can fully understand why he had to be omitted.

Mulan fell victim to the Covid pandemic and then became the first film to be offered as a premium purchase on Disney+ this meant that I have not watched it until now as the extra cost issue was not something I was willing to do. Anyway the reason I am mentioning this as the delay of cinema release then straight to VOD is something that I feel has influenced my build up towards the film.

On the whole though I felt it was decent enough, already knowing the story is sometimes a little bit of a downer. I thought they handled it all in the best possible way and the leading performance from Yifei Liu was a particular highlight. She was engaging and believable in the role and certainly something to be happy about. That casting was essential to get right and I felt as though she carried the film in the best possible manner. Even more so when finding out that she performs 90% of her own stunts which include horse riding, sword fighting, martial arts and the battle scenes. I feel that deserves even more credit for fully being engaged within the role and film.

I really do believe that this would have looked fantastic on the big screen, I am pretty sure that I would watch it again though as it was engaging enough.

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