Godmothered (2020) Review

Eleanor is a young and unskilled fairy godmother who does not want to believe that they are not needed anymore. When she finds a letter from a young girl named Mackenzie she ventures to Boston, Massachusetts only to find out she is now 40 years old!


In the Motherland the fairy godmothers are trained so they can help peoples dreams and wishes come true, the formula they must follow is true love and a castle. Something that is not really relevant anymore? With no wishes for these things being made they will have to learn to be tooth fairies instead. This is something that Eleanor is not interested in and when she visits the assignment room she finds one lonely letter, that from Mackenzie. She decides to travel to Boson without permission and causes utter chaos in the best possible manner.

When she finds Mackenzie who is now 40 years old and not 10 like in her letter, she is a single mother to two daughters and works for a television station that reports on things that could possibly go viral. Obviously talk of the Motherland and claiming to be a fairy godmother is not something that sounds believable at all. But demonstrating some of her magic (badly) is a way to try and convince Mackenzie. She takes Eleanor home to her two daughters Mia and Jane.

Little did they all know that Eleanor would work her magic in more than just using it. Coming to this family at the right possible moment and having such an amazing impact on Mia and Jane. Especially Jane who loves nothing more than to sing yet suffers from social anxiety. When Eleanor tags along to her work, fantastic things happen for the television company with Mackenzie getting a lot of credit and praise for this.

“My Favourite Things” is a truly magical moment where Eleanor sings rather badly to try and help Jane come to terms with performing in public and this was the moment when I thought this film is a newer version of Enchanted. I totally loved that the film as thought it dared to be different. But given the changes in times and the way Disney have eventually adapted it could be said that the way Godmothered goes could actually be on another level to Enchanted and taking in some moments from Frozen.

It is in the same format as Elf and Enchanted with a character from a magical place then coming to the real world and changing everything along the way. I think we have now found that formula works in the best possible way and Godmothered is no different in that sense. It is actually a lovely and wonderful film, that really surprised me in the best possible manner.

Jillian Bell is probably the main reason I decided to watch this in all honesty as I was very impressed with her performance in Brittany Runs a Marathon. Therefore deciding to then go for this film was a very good decision that is for sure. She was perfect in this role and managed to balance the comedic moments so effortlessly with the harder hitting and nice moments. A perfect mixture in my opinion. Then working well with Isla Fisher who had the straight role to play and avoiding wanting to believe in any magic.

Obviously the best thing about the whole story is Disney eventually taking the not needing a man part to the live action films, something that has been done in recent times in the animated films and that is truly refreshing! I hope people give this film a chance as it is one of the better ones to have gone straight to Disney+ as an original.

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