Noelle (2019) Review

Noelle Kringle has always been filled with joy and the Christmas Spirit, I mean you would hope so as her father is Santa Claus! When he passes away she must help her brother Nick fulfil his role of becoming Santa, but everything is not that simple at all.


From the first two scenes the ending of Noelle is very clear, which was a little bit of a shame as it was a nice enough idea but everything surrounding what should have been a twist was clear to see from the beginning. Noelle was the heart of the Kringle family and relied on to constantly spread the Christmas spirit. The death of her father sees her brother Nick becoming the new Santa as it passed onto the next male in line.

She convinces him to take a weekend vacation in the build up towards Christmas Eve which causes utter chaos at the North Pole when he does not actually return. She must then travel to find him accompanied by Elf Polly and some reindeer which become an attraction within the small town. Trying to track down Nick was not an easy task at all and she becomes friendly with Jake and his son.

As she is on the mission to find Nick she begins to realise that she just knows things about people and has the gift of Santa! But everything was not going to be so simple when she found Nick working as a yoga instructor of all things as he did not want to return to the North Pole. Having left their cousin Gabriel was then drafted in as the new Santa and decided to go technical and emails were being sent out to children all around the world informing them that they had been naughty and would not be receiving a gift this year due to new strict restrictions.

I was then left feeling that this film is very average despite the best efforts from Anna Kendrick, who could have been given so much more to push this forward with. Address different ways people view Christmas, a little anyway. Didn’t have anywhere near enough Shirley MacLaine as an elf! I mean come on she deserved so much more screen time, although I feel that way with every film she is in now.

With not having Disney+ in 2019, we are a whole year behind many countries in getting the premiere for this film. I can’t fully say that it was worth the wait in all honesty.

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