Firewall (2006) Review

Jack Stanfield as a security expert who had written computer programmes to protect the bank he works for, when he is forced to rob the bank in order to save his family he will be pushed to the limits.


Everything seemed pretty perfect for the Stanfield family and they were just going on living their lives without any issues. That was until Jack was put into the worst possible situation, as his family were taken and held hostage he had to transfer millions and millions of dollars for the group led by Bill Cox.

Not really given any option as they have hacked not only his computers but the phones as well. Which means he was not able to contact the police either, especially given how quickly they would then kill all of his family, including the dog! I have to mention the dog as it actually plays a very big part in the story which I thought was a very nice and good little bonus.

It feels very tense throughout. and considering this film is from 2006 I cannot believe how dated it feels already in terms of the computers, systems and technology. I was at University in 2006 and never thought everything we used was that bad 14 years ago! But I guess that is confirmed by this film, especially given banking systems would probably have been the most update and quite possibly ahead of everything else?

Despite that it is still enjoyable enough even though it has late 80/ early 90s feel to it. Nothing wrong with that though as it just means it ticks so many of the things you want and need an action film to do. Harrison Ford in the leading role is as good as ever, seriously every time I watch him I think I should watch more of his films as I always end up enjoying them. Even if they aren’t amazing and groundbreaking, he is just engaging and I love watching him.

Paul Bettany offers good support as the bad guy and really does well making the viewer hate him so much! Always a plus for a bad guy in this genre isn’t it! Other than that it really is Ford’s film as the rest of the characters aren’t really given that much to do, considering his family have been captured that would have been a tricky one to overcome.

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