Lineage Of Lies / Psycho Granny (2019) Review

Samantha has recently lost her mother and is struggling with the grief, but not long after this her long lost Grandmother Colleen turns up and gives her hope that she still has family. Although her husband Brad is not fully convinced.


Colleen just happens to turn up not long after the death of her supposed daughter, everyone around Samantha is dubious about this and the story she gives. Obviously Samantha is blind to this and wants nothing more than a relationship with her Grandmother. Although from the start we as viewers just know that she is not the person she is claiming to be. Especially after a strange conversation with a woman who knew her from a different place.

Samantha had recently found out she was pregnant as well, after we are told a few attempts and miscarriages. Which is obviously horrible and not really done in a nice manner within some of the scenes. The pregnancy then leads to a truly horrific scene of Colleen convincing Samantha that the toilet is not allowed to flush so she can use her wee on a pregnancy test, yes really!

This leads me to now disclose that this is easily one of the worst films I have ever seen. Seriously the acting is some of the worst I have ever watched unfold with a truly ridiculous and awful script. I have nothing at all positive to say about any aspect of the film. Terrible writing, terrible acting and a truly terrible overall film. I don’t even feel harsh saying that either, I am not even sure how or why I kept watching other than not wanting to properly focus on anything when I decided to watch this abomination.

The storyline based around a very mentally unstable woman who has regretted giving her daughter up for adoption and then decided to raise havoc in other peoples lives and targeted the families of the women around a similar age to what her daughter would have been. Basically though when you think about that plot it actually could have made a decent thriller. Instead we are left with this, I actually found myself laughing at some of the poor delivery and then a rubbish death that didn’t even look like a real hit from one character to another.

I watched on Netflix UK with the title of Lineage of Lies although when I then searched it a new title of Psycho Granny appeared. Not really sure if I can decide which is actually worse.

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