The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020) Review

When Christmas is threatened to be cancelled forever Katie Pierce who is now a very cynical teen is reunited with Santa Claus and must help save the holiday.

*Original Title – The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two*


The Christmas Chronicles was a very successful film and we have part two to follow on, which was always going to be not only a big ask but an extremely tough challenge to match how wonderful and lovely the first film was.

When Belsnickel an elf who is constantly naughty and disruptive is punished by being turned into a human, apparently that is the worst thing ever. Not being able to accept his punishment from Santa he decided that the only way to get back at him and everyone is to stop Christmas forever.

It certainly has plenty of magical scenes there is no doubt about that at all, with elves are used quite a lot to help provide this. As well as Santa having so much magic himself. I remember really enjoying the first film as a lovely festive surprise package, this one fell very short of that high standard. I felt this was even more so for small children, they will definitely enjoy it a lot more than I did. Nothing at all wrong with that though.

This film will really find a family audience I am sure and while it was not fully for me I can appreciate that it does have some Christmas magic, hence the three star rating that I have given it. Just nothing special in my personal opinion.

Kurt Russell is a fantastic Santa Claus though I do have to say that again as I remember not being fully convinced when first finding out he would be taking on the role for the first film. Seeing Julian Dennison in the film was great though given his starring role in Hunt for the Wilderpeople in 2016. I therefore enjoyed seeing him in another film with a big role, having also starred in Deadpool 2.

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