The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020) Review

Duchess Margaret is due to be coronated as Queen of Montenaro but when everything ended with Kevin it is up to Princess Stacy to help her out with another switch. Oh and let’s not forget a third look-a-like added in the mixture, her cousin Fiona.


That’s right here is a sequel that absolutely no one at all ever wanted, but I guess that is what happens with these cheesy films from Netflix as they do get a lot of views. Something that I am now thinking is that I was too harsh on my review of the first film, as this one makes it feel a lot better than it really was, baring in mind this one is truly terrible.

I feel very concerned that the best they could come up with to add a third Vanessa Hudgens’ performance into the mix with another slightly different and awful accent (yes really another one). That is the problem the accents all over the place. The horrific music added in for Fiona so we could differentiate who she was and it made the character even more annoying.

Stacy is now a Princess having married Prince Edward and everything does not seem to be as happy as they would have liked it. This was highlighted by Edward confiding in who he thought was Margaret but it was in fact his wife, in all honesty at this moment I was tempted to turn it off (again) considering he could not actually tell the difference between the two women himself. The same for any other man romantically involved, as Kevin was tricked by Fiona as Margaret. Which also led me to wondering how they could possibly love someone and not even notice it was someone else posing as them? Like seriously. I know this is not a high quality film by any means but I found those moments the most stupid and irritating.

Basically Fiona had a plan to get coronated as Queen and take on that role, I mean I have no idea how that would even work anyway. But that is pretty much the whole film. Just an excuse to add a third role for Hudgens. More dodgy accent changing and quite frankly just poor acting across the whole film. Not even any moments in this one managed to be amusing either, which therefore made it even worse than the first one.

The worst thing is that I can still imagine a third film coming as with A Christmas Prince, although I didn’t even bother by that one. I would certainly be doing the same with this one. Oh and it doesn’t have a big Christmas link really other than that being the date for the coronation. Maybe giving up on the Netflix Christmas cheese offerings would be a better idea? I am seriously thinking that, but for whatever reason I hold hope that one might actually be nice and charming. One day maybe? But this is not the film to achieve that.

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