The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020) Review

A young widow named Miranda is struggling to get by whilst raising her three children in a house that is falling apart, when she meets Bray everything would start changing for the better. Although the meeting was not totally by chance


The Secret: Dare to Dream is based on the groundbreaking best-selling book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which is actually a self help book. That was something that grabbed my attention as I recognised the logo from seeing it on the book. Not that I have read the book or anything, but then finding out its a self help book grew my interest in watching the film.

The main message I took away from the film was to not always think that life will always be bad and never get better. Miranda seems to have given up hope of anything improving expect when it comes towards her children Missy, Greg and Bess who she keeps going for.

When Bray suddenly turns up in their lives he at first had an envelope to pass onto Miranda but given that she actually crashes into his truck and the bumper falls off her car it seemed fate had other ideas. He ends up offering to fix her car and this just happens to be on the night of a bad storm. Given her current run of bad luck the storm leaves her roof broken with a tree through it, Bray then offers to fix this! He just pretty much seems to good to be true!

Miranda still must deal with her mother-in-law Bobby giving opinions on her life. Pushing her towards the relationship with Tucker, which I am going to come out and say I utterly hated. I had no idea with an early scene and an awkward kiss that they were even together until it was later mentioned. Then we have the horrendous big proposal scene in front of so many people. I was totally against the relationship.

I think the way that I was so into that section of the film shows that I was quite taken in by it all. Although if you try to delve deeper it doesn’t really have that many layers. Another thing to note is that I watched this at the end of a very bad week and it did actually make me think that things really can get better. So I must give it some credit for that, had I watched the film feeling a different way I am not sure if I would have felt the same.

As the story progresses it becomes a little bit obvious why Bray had turned up in the first place especially when her deceased husband was brought up. That didn’t take anything away from those moments though and is actually done in the nicest possible manner.

Katie Holmes was good in the leading role, given her career has stalled for a while it was good to see her take on something a little bit different. Josh Lucas was utterly charming and every time he is on screen you just felt a little bit better. Sarah Hoffmeister, Aidan Pierce Brennan and Chloe Lee were all very good as the three children and worked very well alongside Holmes.

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