Operation Christmas Drop (2020) Review

Erica is a congressional aide which is sent to an Air Force base to write a report to defund the whole facility. On arrival she meets Captain Andrew Jantz a pilot who has been tasked to supervising her visit.


Operation Christmas Drop is part of Netflix’s 2020 Christmas collection and I have to say that it was certainly a very good start. This special genre of cheesy Christmas films isn’t going to produce any of the greatest films ever made but they are enough to make people happy and pass some time. They have had a cult following in recent years hence the volume of new films we get each year.

This one is about Erica who arrives pretty much to shut the base down after an article claiming that they are doing Christmas present dropping in different places. This was only a half truth but it annoyed Congresswoman Bradford who sends Erica on the fact finding mission. As soon as she arrives she just wants to get the facts but Captain Anderw Jantz has other ideas. Especially an attempt to make her fall in love with the island and truly understand the different operations that they are running from the base.

We quickly find out that everything they do is at no extra cost and involves so much fundraising and sponsors to help the people who are on the smaller islands and in different areas where they don’t have very much at all. So it is Christmas and Santa without actual gifts in the sense of per person and more to help the community survive and grow. Who could possibly be against that?

The main thing that helped my enjoyment with this one was that the forced romance was more of a sub-plot and didn’t fully get into it. It worked more in the films favour to have it more background as an attraction was always going to be obvious. It also has a rather satisfying ending where nothing was forced and that is another positive aspect of the film. Always nice to be pleasantly surprised by this super special genre.

Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig were both engaging enough from start to finish. Sharing some good chemistry and getting across the passion of the individual characters. A little bit of political edge mixed in with the army as well in a possible attempt to have a different type of story as well.

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