My Christmas Inn (2018) Review

Jen Taylor is a big city advertising executive who is just about to land her dream promotion when she must head to a small town in Alaska when she inherits her Great-Aunt’s inn in order to sell it.


Obviously we know right away that it is not going to be all that simple for Jen to sell the Inn considering the title of the film is “My Christmas Inn” she must embrace the area and realise just how important the inn is to the locals. On arrival she meets Brian Anderson who is an attorney and we already know everything that is going to happen with him, don’t we!

I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy parts of this as much as I did with some lovely moments, by that I mean reading her great-aunt’s diary. I thought that was a truly lovely touch and filled her with hope and some regret as well. That was something I really appreciated and felt it added more to the story than the standard and normal format to these films.

Unfortunately though the ending made me really annoyed and therefore I am going to have a SPOILER here. So a hard working woman suddenly decided to give everything up for a man she had known for just over a week? Like seriously though, why couldn’t she have had it all. Kept the Inn and hired someone to run it and get across when possible whilst also taking her dream big job role? I seriously thought that was more than possible given her background. Just irritated me in the wrong way!

Something that I did enjoy though as a full on 90s throwback was having Jackée Harry and Tim Reid as Tia Mowry-Hardrict’s parents although it could only been seen as two cameos but that was a lovely touch for all of us Sister Sister fans! What a joy to see, maybe a slight shame they did not have more screen time?

This type of made for TV Christmas film always manages to be engaging enough and I was quite surprised with this one until the ending of course. I know it shouldn’t have annoyed me that much but it seemed to be going in a good positive direction.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict is engaging enough in the leading role and she seems to be well into this cheesy Christmas genre now, I caught up with Gingerbread House last year. She always comes across nice enough with the characters she takes on and as already mentioned the nostalgia of watching her is personally very nice for me.

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