Entrapment (1999) Review

When insurance agent Gin is sent by her employer to track down a professional thief who specialises in art named Mac there’s more to the con than you may first expect. Especially when we are getting ready to head into a new millennium.


Gin attempts to convince Mac that she is also a professional thief to try and gain his trust and entrap him. Although she is a little bit too trusting of a man she knows is a rather dangerous criminal. Her boss Hector Cruz wants updates and as everything twists and turns in many different directions this is to keep the viewer guessing what might happen next.

I do believe the laser scene is rather popular or at the very least well known! I think it is clear to realise just way, it always allows false pretences in that moving through lasers would be very easy. That would obviously not be the case but something this film does in an impressive manner. I mean come on the scene where they pretty much dance through is so hot as well! Mixing a big heist with computers and moving from 1999 to 2000 is always something that was a good touch, everyone was very concerned about the Y2K crash happening. So a little throwback to all of that when watching it now.

Along with making a criminal life seem like a whole lot of fun, I feel this is in similar style to Ocean’s Eleven but just with less criminals. Although Connery has enough charisma and charm to take the place of all eleven right? Gin has a girl next door average type of feel to her in terms of the character and the way she acts, which I guess makes her very relatable.

Entrapment has always been a firm favourite of mine that I well and truly class as a guilty pleasure, something that even with another rewatch I more than standby. Given the huge gap between Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones you could easily think the romance side is very wrong. However, it also shows that Connery would never ever lose that charm that we all loved him for especially as James Bond. I guess we can overlook that gap as it is quite a nice little twist in the story.

Catherine Zeta Jones was just starting to hit the big time after Zorro and then moving into this and it is very clear to see why exactly. She shared the screen with Connery and could more than match him which makes for some amazing chemistry throughout the film. Sean Connery is a one off right? Able to keep his accent and no one even care about that at all. Although we do have a trip to Scotland within the story in this film just to round everything off so nicely. I really like Will Patton’s supporting role as well, he’s an actor I feel doesn’t receive enough credit for his performances.

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