Little Women (1994) Review

Little Women follows the March sisters as they grow into young women and must deal with everything that comes with getting older. With the added expectation that marriage will happen sooner rather than later.


Set in the 1860s based on the autobiographical novel by Louisa May Alcott certainly makes you more enthralled in the story. Knowing that it is based on her along with her sisters and how they got along and fought with one another as they grew up. Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth are raised by their very strong mother Mrs. March with input from Aunt March. As the sisters must attempt to find their own place in the world and think about love and marriage at even a rather young age.

Everything about the film is just quite frankly wonderful, the story really is timeless when you think about a lot of issues. Especially considering Jo being the headstrong of the sisters who certainly does not want to conform with society. Showing no real interest in getting married as soon as she can. Although she does have a deep love for Laurie, they just work and seem so perfect together.

The wanting to travel and her writing, small plays that they would act out and then as she has the passion for writing a novel. I find that part all inspiring as its not something that was expected for them. Her willingness to travel as well is certainly something that we all want to do. Given the time period that everything is set in it certainly shows that women have not always wanted to just get married and then have children and that be fully their life. I always find it reassuring watching something like this that so many have always wanted more! Surely that can only be a good thing, especially when it is very female based and empowering?

In terms of performances I really do find Winona Ryder a fantastic lead throughout this film, really driving it forward and being cast in the truly perfect role. Susan Sarandon as Mrs. March is another perfect casting choice and her performance really does hit the will to raise strongly independent daughters. I also adore Mary Wickes as Aunt March and feel she offers such a great balance. Then we have Clare Danes, Trini Alarado with Kirsten Dunst and Samantha Matis (sharing a role). Christian Bale is so charming and lovely as Laurie and that is something that you kinda forget about his career that he was this character as well. Something that probably gets massively overlooked.

This is a film that seems to have a remake every so often and something it does so effortlessly is put together the best young actresses in these roles to help tell the story in a slightly different way for that time period we are currently in despite the setting staying the same in the 1860s. That is certainly something that is impressive and leaves us forever loving this timeless tale.

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