On the Rocks (2020) Review

When Laura begins to suspect that her husband Dean is having an affair getting her playboy father Felix involved was going to make it into a very strange and wild adventure.


On the Rocks is a film that I totally loved from the start and I was very much on the journey throughout. Set in New York City, which is something that allowed so many fantastic shots of the city throughout the film. That is something I never ever tire of seeing on screen, those amazing shots of a truly incredible and vibrant city. Simply stunning.

Laura and Dean seem to have a good marriage but as she suspects he is having an affair with a colleague after many business trips and a lot of them just happen to be last minute. On returning from one he kisses her and then looks as though he mistakes her for someone else, something that we as a viewer agree with. It felt odd and not right, this is probably important going forward that we connect with Laura and can fully understand her freak out and wondering about Dean. We are forced as the viewer to feel everything she does in the way it is shown to us.

Felix is the ultimate playboy and enlisting the help of her father Laura probably regrets it instantly as he just says that Dean is probably having an affair. This does create for some fantastic scenes though, especially when you bring in the red sports car as they attempt to watch or even catch Dean out.

Something that I really loved about the film was that it makes you think and wonder if you ever really trust anyone? That we convince ourself that we are not allowed to be happy and everything cannot be real. That is something I certainly took from this film as well, wasn’t really what I was expecting in that sense. But don’t get me wrong though as I had a feeling this would be my type of film. I was very right about that and can easily say Sofia Coppola has done it again with this film. I mean not quite Lost in Translation level, but not too far off! The mixture of the wondering about an affair and the exchanges between father and daughter is then balanced so well with funny moments or one liners.

Rashida Jones is incredible in the leading role, mainly because she feels so real as Laura. That is what we really need at times right? For a character to feel relatable. Thinking about the way she was dressed and how she reacted to everything felt like a real person and not just a character in the film. That is the biggest reason I believe this film will be very well received and liked. Then throw in Bill Murray who is outstanding as Felix, I mean that is what I would expect from him but it is a great character. The chemistry between the pair works very well as father/daughter, something that is quite tricky to get right. Jenny Slate is a little bit of a scene stealer as Vanessa who just talks at Laura, not listening or paying attention just fully focused on herself. Again that is something we can relate to, we have all met someone like that right?

On the Rocks manages to make you think and wonder about all relationships, romantic and family. That is a very interesting thing about the film as mixing those together often doesn’t work but in this instance it certainly does. An engaging film, with amusing moments and good performances what more could we want from it?

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