The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) Review

Two years after Cole survived the strange night with his blood cult loving babysitter Bee. He is attempting to survive high school and the fact everyone thinks he’s crazy for what happened that night.


The demons from his past are still making his life a living hell, although not quite as bad as the hell he suffered that night. Well, not quite anyway not even his parents believed anything surrounding the fateful night. With no evidence left behind, he has become consumed by it and its not long before he his dragged further back into it by the one person he thought was his friend, Melanie the only one who believed him.

Cole having to deal with the crazy night as well as wanting to try and find a girlfriend and explore different things. Something that he was held back from doing due to that one night. It left him messed up and quite frankly anything but that would have been very strange. The arrival of Phoebe a new student is something that gains his attention. The pair would quickly become allies after it is clear Melanie has been taken in by the satanic cult.

Now I quite enjoyed the first film, nothing spectacular but certainly watchable and a little bit different. This one though I thought was truly terrible, which may or may not feel very harsh to say but I cannot think of anything positive about it. Pretty much a poor rehash of the first film, looking to try and have more blood in death scenes. Therefore a massive failure of a follow up.

Samara Weaving was probably what really made the first film as well, considering her screen time in this one is very limited that was never really going to help the film as a whole. I mean in all honesty I wasn’t expecting her part to be very big given the way the first film ended. I just feel as though they weren’t given anything new or exciting to work with, containing the same type of jokes along with the death scenes. Which was a shame as I thought Judah Lewis was decent in the first film as well.

I guess this is what happens when something is quite quirky and manages to push the boundaries that a sequel is just then so disappointing and probably not really needed? That is something it had me thinking, I seriously was tempted to turn it off especially getting to the half way point and thinking it was terrible but I decided to stick with the commitment of starting it considering new films are not really too common at the moment. Maybe that was a big mistake?

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