Love at the Musicals (Newcastle) Review

Love at the Musicals starring Joe McElderry, Collabro and Sophie Evans a fantastic journey through some fantastic musical songs.

Date: Saturday 12th September 2020
Venue: Virgin Money Unity Arena, Gosforth Park – Newcastle


Actual live and real life music in 2020 at an outdoor venue in Newcastle! It certainly added to the special nature of the fantastic show that had been performed before lockdown at indoor venues. The Unity Arena in Newcastle was very quickly built to provide a safe venue for people to enjoy live music once more! I could not resist getting tickets for this show with it being musical based, certainly been missing the theatre a lot.

I have seen Joe McElderry quite a few times now over the years and I still believe his vocals get better and better each time I see him perform. Mixing in songs from his albums over the years as well as from musicals and film. Creating a perfect balance for his fans to enjoy.

This was the first time I have had the pleasure of seeing Collabro and it was certainly fantastic! Made up of Michael Auger, Jamie Lambert, Matthew Pagan and Thomas J. Redgrave they shot to fame when winning Britain’s Got Talent back in 2014. I will openly admit that it is not a tv show that I have ever watched. However, I am now firmly counting myself as a fan. I mean they even joked on about singing the depressing songs from musicals and those are all my favourites.

Sophie Evans started her career being part of the ITV show Over the Rainbow and since then has gone on to star in Wicked in the West End, can fully understand why as vocally she is outstanding! Not forgetting to mention that she managed to make me cry during I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. Seriously something about hearing that song live that totally breaks me!

The three different acts took turns in performing and swapping over on the windy stage! It was done in the best possible way and kept everything very interesting. They also did a couple of numbers all together. Which certainly works very well for the musical numbers from both stage and screen.

The use of the songs from The Greatest Showman certainly were very popular with the crowd. I really enjoyed the Les Mis segment as that really is a truly incredible musical. On the whole the mix of the different acts switching over worked very well and balanced everything out very nicely. I mean let’s face it songs from musicals really are on another level and something that is impressive to watch and listen to when performed in a concert manner, it gives some of the lyrics different meanings and that is something that I really enjoy.

I will certainly be looking to attend another Collabro event in the future and I know they have rearranged this years tour to 2021 so that is something I will want to get tickets for. I will also be following what shows Sophie Evans goes into next. Then with Joe McElderry I have just booked tickets for a gig he is doing at The Customs House in South Shields in November!

Being able to listen to live music again really was fantastic for the afternoon and I have to praise Virgin Money for creating the Unity Arena and allowing social distanced concerts to go ahead and be the first to do this! Very thankful for the field that could be used for this!!!

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