Unhinged (2020) Review


When Rachel has a confrontation with an unstable man whilst driving she becomes the target of his rage as he vows to show her what a bad day really is!


Unhinged certainly lives up to its name as we quickly see that this man is not stable at all. I am sure we all agree with Rachel that what she did was not really anything bad. He was not paying attention as the light changed to green and even after beeping her horn at him he did not move as it changed back to red. The thing is though this film will make you want to stay calmer whilst driving no matter how much someone annoys you as you don’t want to meet someone like this man!

Rachel was having her own issues being late for her work and then losing her best client. Trying to get her son Kyle to school on time and currently living with her brother and his girlfriend, and going through a divorce. She is dealing with quite a lot but this road rage man is about to show her that those things are not as bad as what he is about to put her through.

At times I felt breathless watching the driving and wondering where he was in terms of following her, which was pretty impressive especially as the majority of the scenes in the film take place within the cars. Considering I usually spend quite a bit of time in my car I felt that added to the suspense, although that is something that I have not done over the past four months.

If you drive though I am sure you can relate to some of the moments as well, we are all very quick to get annoyed with the silly things other drives do and I am sure we all make mistakes at different times. Not intentionally or anything though!

The Man manages to swap phones with Rachel as she fills up at a fuel station, this is something that I thought was a little silly as who would leave their phone in the car? Anyway this was how he had the power to look into her life, as we found out earlier and she was told off by her son that she had taken the passcode off! Bad idea as he could really find out a lot about her life through everything on her phone. As well as being able to track her with a tablet left in the car.

All of these things create somewhat of a fear because this is everything we have now and if someone did have your phone unlocked it really would disclose a lot of information. Given some of these moments and the intense atmosphere I did find some of it very stupid and found myself laughing a few times and I wasn’t fully sure if it was meant to be funny or not. One thing is for sure I was not expecting the truly brutal and extremely violent scenes that unfolded! Won’t reveal too much about that as it would be extreme spoilers.

Russell Crowe was on another weird/strange level in this film and a rather brutal character to say the least. At times though you couldn’t help but laugh at some of the lines he was given and I am still unsure if that is a good thing or not. Caren Pistorius was engaging enough and we managed to sympathise with her throughout.

Quite a mixed bag of a film then which has some interesting moments as well as some totally crazy moments. I guess that is what we want at times from a film right?

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