Cineworld – Boldon


A big refurbishment had started at Cineworld Boldon at the end of last year and before they closed on the 17th March due to lockdown restrictions a few of the new screens had started to open. The refurb is now finished and with the cinema opening again on 31st July it is pretty much unrecognisable compared to pre-lockdown. It really does look fantastic and on par with the Newcastle venue!


The big change is that it now features a SuperScreen which for Unlimited card holders means you must pay a £2.50 uplift fee. I have seen films on this screen in Newcastle and it really is an added bonus for watching a film, not quite IMAX but still better than the standard screen or the picture size and sound quality.

Its certainly something we have been needing at this cinema for so many years now with a lot of the seats pushing twenty years old! So lovely to have the nice new seats, which do slightly recline when you lean back. While it might not seem like much to those who have been to newer cinemas or have them close by if this was the only cinema you have been to the quality in the seat change certainly is one of the best things. Not forgetting some of the sound, as it got to the point where if you were watching a quiet film next door to a big action one then you could hear it all.

After four and half months of the closure it certainly is going to impress people when they come back for the first time and see all the colour and everything being so new!

4 thoughts on “Cineworld – Boldon

    • Oh massively, probably the only good thing about it being closed over lockdown is having it fully finished instead of still going in as it was being changed around.

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  1. My local Cineworld was midway through a refurbishment went the shutdown happened- no idea how much progress has been made since. I just hope its all done by December for when Dune arrives, I’m so looking forward to that movie, it could be one of the very greats. I’ve enjoyed every Villeneuve film that I’ve seen, and thought both Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 were phenomenal, frankly.

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