The Prestige (2006) Review


Two stage magicians engage in a battle to create the ultimate trick after a tragic event occurred when they were just starting out. Robert Angier and Alfred Borden would do anything possible to become the best and remembered.


To begin with Robert Aniger and Alfred Borden had been friends along with Angier’s wife Julia McCullough, all working together for a magician until she died during a performance and Angier blames Borden as he cannot tell him which knot he had tied on the ropes. This then created the rivalry between the pair quickly becoming enemies and as they grew and became more famous they sabotaged the other on stage causing them to lose jobs and theatres. When Borden eventually reveals his masterpiece Angier becomes obsessed trying to disclose the secret and will stop at nothing to bring him down.

The Prestige is very entertaining and interesting to watch, even just thinking about any magic trick that you might have seen in the past. Even people who claim they do not like magic or magicians would have at some point seen something done and wondered just how it was even possible. For me that is why the film works so well, we can all relate to at least one magic trick.

Cutter was a mentor to the men and ended up more with Angier after the death of Julia. Offering support and advice, he is also our narrator at times explaining the different stages of a trick and how creating the ultimate illusion is not as easy as people pay think. Then we have Olivia who is a new assistant to Angier and in order to find out Borden’s secrets he gets her to spy on him. Which certainly does not work when she falls in love with him, despite having a wife Sarah and young child.

Nikola Tesla a scientist is brought into everything when Angier travels to America believing that Borden had a machine built for his trick. Although the one that is built for Angier teleports objects but also duplicates them to a short distance away. Although it looks like Angier will not get his wish the machine is delivered but with a note stating that he should just destroy it!

The final twists are pretty impressive really and some good scenes come from this. Obviously will not spoil incase anyone reading this review has not seen the film yet. But I cannot recommend it enough!

Something that I adore about this film is that I enjoyed it just as much on each viewing as I did seeing it at the cinema for the very first time. Sometimes when you know the big twist or final reveal of a film you then don’t really feel the same way about it. That is not the case with The Prestige and I truly believe it does hold up and possibly get even better when you watch it again and again and again!

Performance wise I always find it very difficult to try and decide who I thought was better between Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, so I am going to stay firmly on the fence and state that I think they are both very good in different ways and bring out the good in each other as well. Two very different characters who are brought together in spectacular fashion by the two talented actors. As with a lot of Nolan films we are given Michael Caine in an outstanding supporting role. Scarlett Johansson offers some good moments, but I personally feel she could have been given more screen time right? The same with Rebecca Hall, who is not really given a whole lot of time. David Bowie was a nice surprise the first time I saw the film as I had no idea he was going to be in it. Along with Andy Serkis being in a small role as well.

6 thoughts on “The Prestige (2006) Review

  1. Excellent review Caz! Gotta agree, this movie is fantastic, no matter how many times you rewatch it, even when you know the twist, it doesn’t matter. I might even need to go rewatch it now, thanks xD

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