Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) Review


Bill and Ted are about to fail history and be kicked out of school, unless they can get an A+ on the final presentation. With the help of a time machine they manage to collect historical figures and learn a few things along the way!


San Dimas is a small town just a few miles from LA and we meet Bill and Ted two teenagers who are certainly not intelligent at all. They want nothing more to start their own rock band named Wyld Stallyns, even though they can’t really play the guitar. But anyway they are more focused on that dream than school work and with their antics in History they are very close to failing out of school. With this Ted’s dad is ready to send him to military school!

A man named Rufus is sent from the future to help the pair pass their history test, as they cannot be split up or everything will be changed forever. In a telephone box he appears to Bill and Ted teaching them how to use the phone box to get to different years in history. The final assignment is researching a historical figure and deciding how they would find current day San Dimas. With the time travelling they do cause chaos but also learn from the great leaders and inadvertently learn a few things as well.

I now have to admit something this was the first time I have ever watched Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. That being because I pretty much thought I would just hate everything about the film. Luckily though with a third film set for release sometime (who even knows when anymore) that as the cinemas are beginning to reopen this was one of the films on. So what better time to watch it for the first time than on the big screen at the cinema?

Guess what?

Something amazing happened and I found myself really enjoying this daft film. It was perfect comedy fun that we all need right now. I was under the impression it was going to just be stupid, but it was far from that and I might even go as far as saying it was actually quite clever.

Mixing in the daft comedy with the two dumb teens in with historical events just worked in the best possible way. Bringing history to life is certainly one of the best ways to be able to show it. I am therefore stating that it actually makes it more fun when it is shown in the different contexts. I could not help but laugh with the way they pronounced Socrates, seriously that was hilarious! Then adding them going to San Dimas and having no idea about that new world so different to the one they lived in.

Performance wise Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are both excellent (yes, I really did go there) together. They just wouldn’t work without the other and I feel that is the highest compliment you can give for these types of roles. It also feels so effortless for the pair to act so dumb which in all honesty I thought made it quite well cute. You couldn’t help but like them and really hope they could pull something off!

Obviously with them wanting to create a rock band some of the music is fantastic within the film and I loved the air guitar moments as well. It all mixed together so well and quite frankly we sometimes need to not judge a film by tiny clips we have seen and give them a chance on the whole. You never know it might just be an excellent adventure.

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