Hot Fuzz (2007) Review


Nicholas Angel was a police officer in London but due to being too good at his job he is transferred to a small town which just so happens to have a very dark secret.


PC Angel absolutely loved everything about working as a police officer and had the highest arrest rate on the force in London, not allowing anyone to break the law and never turning a blind eye. To stop making his team look bad with his good work they transfer him to Sanford, a very quiet small town.

On his arrival in the town he realises that this is going to be extremely boring, especially when comparing it to London. On his first night in the town but he has even official started he makes a lot of arrests and pretty much empties the pub with underaged drinkers. The worst of the lot Danny who goes to drink drive, he turns out to be PC Danny Butterman, Angel’s new partner!

It just so happens that his father is Inspector Frank Butterman who runs the police station. As Angel quickly realises the PCs, sergeants and detectives don’t take the police work very seriously and this is something that annoys him a lot! But when a double murder occurs and they rule it as an accident Angel was never going to leave it at that when he suspects something very sinister and suspicious going on.

Everything about Hot Fuzz is hilarious and it is the second film in what we now know as the Cornetto trilogy. Some moments are truly stupid, but in a way that you just laugh at. Especially with this being police based and you just hope that real police officers don’t treat events in this manner.

Lead by Simon Pegg with Nick Frost at his side, the pair really do bring out the best in each other and create a very amusing duo. The standout performance within the whole film though comes from the incredible Timothy Dalton, playing a supermarket owner who comes across as a creep from the start. But doing this in such a way that his villain-esque performance is on another level. So much so that you really want him to win! Then we have Jim Broadbent, Bill Bailey, David Bradley, Rafe Spall and Paddy Considine adding to the support cast, along with Olivia Colman who I totally forgot was in this film. I know shocking thing to have to admit to, especially when she is very funny as well.

Edgar Wright seems to have the ability to easily mix and mashup different genres into one film and that is evident within Hot Fuzz. On the surface you think that the story just would not work and quite frankly not end up being very funny, when in reality we get the complete opposite to that. So as a filmmaker I have to credit that the directing and writing combination for his films creates whacky, wonderful and enjoyable films.

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