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Last night I went to the Odeon Cinema at Silverlink which has recently reopened after the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. It had been almost 18 weeks since I had the pleasure of sitting in a cinema screen! I usually go to Cineworld as a I have an Unlimited Card with that being my closest cinema. I have been to this Odeon a couple of times now because it is the closest IMAX screen to me.

I couldn’t resist seeing The Dark Knight on the IMAX with it being one of my favourite films and the fact it is one of the films that is being shown again with the start of the reopening process. I know some of the Odeon’s have had the opening dates pushed back but luckily this one did not change.

On arrival one door was open to the side and staff were lined up when you entered, wearing the face covering visors. I had to go and print the ticket out at the touch screen service, wasn’t really expecting this as thought the ticket could be seen on my phone like I usually do at Cineworld and how it worked the last time I came to this cinema. But that didn’t really matter I guess.


I then decided to get a drink and popcorn combo and the queue to the food had social distancing stickers on the floor with feet from different characters in films (which I felt was a very nice touch). I only took one photo as didn’t want to be that strange person. The cinema wasn’t very busy but everyone was keeping distance from each other which I personally feel should have been a normal thing before Covid-19 in all honesty. The snack area was fully covered and had small windows to place the drinks through and the popcorn was placed at the side. I noticed that the nachos were actually in bags for people to then pour out themselves into the trays to then eat them.

From there I went straight into the screen where my ticket was checked and the safety explained, about if you needed to go to the toilet during the film make sure to keep away from others and at the end of the film you will leave by the fire exits. If you needed to go to the toilet after the film you could still do that but then would have to come back through the screen to leave. This is something that makes sense especially if a few films finished around a similar time as it would mean everyone is back in the foyer at the same time.

I was asked whereabouts I would like to sit and then told my seat and number. A seat space gap was placed on each side of other people in the screen. This wasn’t done behind or in front in this screen but I am thinking that it was with it having the Luxe seats? In normal seats I do believe this process would be slightly different.

Well done to Odeon for coming up with very simple systems and slight changes to how you attend the cinema. I am certainly a big fan of not having to sit right next to someone I don’t know! Sometimes the downside of going to the cinema so much on your own! It will be interesting to read and see how other cinema’s put the systems in place but everything worked out very well and more importantly people were just sensible. Opening with older films before any new big releases is a very important move in my opinion so the staff at the very least get comfortable to how it works and with that as more people attend they will understand the new procedures.

It was truly like heaven to watch a film on the big screen again!

6 thoughts on “Odeon Cinema – Silverlink

  1. I might be lucky in Devon because I tend to hit times where there are less people in the cinema anyway, haha! I also like not having someone next to me when doing that, interesting! I thought there was supposed to be no-one next or behind/in front though as well. Hmm!

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  2. Sounds like a pretty good system. The thing that bothered me most when reading their plans was the lack of allocated seating when booking (both because of safety, and also I’m a picky git about where I sit!), but I like that they’re asking you where you’d like to be. I was worried they’d make people fill up from the front or back, but that seems much fairer. But my local is one that’s had its opening pushed back indefinitely, so I won’t get to find out for a while.

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    • I think if you want first choice just make sure your at the front of the queue when they open the screen.

      I was very happy with my row C for this one and it also meant that I was out quickly too.

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  3. I have an Odeon Limitless ticket so went back to my local – also a De Lux. I was impressed with the procedures. Well thought out. At first though they did not allocate seats at the point of booking but did so when you entered the cinema starting with the end of rows and filling up one row at a time from the back which was a pain because I like to sit at the very front. The second time I went they had done away with the automatic ticket machines to allow more space for Costa coffee customers, so you have to queue for your ticket. Also they made you wait outside until about 10 minutes before the film started. I also went to a Showcase and was forced to sit at the very back which was awful because their screens are at an odd angle so basically i felt I was watching a cinema showing a movie rather than getting engrossed in the film itself. They had boxed off urinals rather than place do not use stickers on them like Odeon.

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    • Ahh that’s a shame about having to sit at the back! I am the same and sit closer to the front as well, they asked me on arrival where I would like to sit this first time which meant I was in row D.

      The last time I went last Friday I had to sit in the seat I booked and in all honesty I just randomly picked a seat because I didn’t realised that they had changed the system already.

      I am off to see two Lord of the Rings films this afternoon so will have to see how this goes!

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