Standing Up, Falling Down (2019) Review


Scott had been living in LA and struggling as a stand-up comedian, so much so he is forced to move back home. On his return the very unlikely friendship with Marty a very charming yet flawed alcoholic dermatologist things might just improve.


Standing Up, Falling Down is a film that I had not even heard of before watching it, so I urge you if you see it anywhere to watch you really should give it a shot. Admittedly the Billy Crystal factor was the main reason I was drawn towards it.

Scott was very disappointed with himself having to move back home and live with his parents, not being able to use the bathroom for longer than five minutes before his mother comes to ask if he is alright certainly becomes an issue. He has a rather amusing and fun relationship with his sister Megan. Everything would take a worse turn when he sees Becky, an ex who could have been the one. But she is married now and that is something he just has to deal with.

Marty while being extremely charming and charismatic is also very tragic with his alcoholic nature making made decisions and he isn’t really too far from giving up on everything. We find out his relationship with his son is nonexistent and everything we learn we feel sorry for him.

When the pair meet they instantly like one another and a rather fantastic friendship is formed. This is one of those stories where you hope that when you are in massive rut and don’t feel like anything can change or go right that you find someone who just helps you survive. That is what both men at very different stages of their lives are doing, attempting to survive. The best thing is they do it through laughter as well, which is often how we deal with the tough times by silly jokes that lighten the mood.

Some of the story with focus on Scott and Megan being in their thirties is obviously something I can massively relate to myself and some of the issues and problems they are experiencing are things I have felt and been going through myself.

The two lead performances are fantastic with Ben Schwartz really impressing me, managing to mix the emotional moments into the comedy and it really does become the perfect balance. What more can possibly be said about the legend that is Billy Crystal? I feel this is one of his best performances as it allows the comedic timing to flow but also get in touch with the sensitive and emotional side. Grace Gummer has a tough time really doesn’t she being Meryl Streep’s daughter but I feel she does this type of role really well.

A massive hidden gem of a film that really does deserve to be seen, it has so many lovely little moments along with a big heart. I guess the ending is a little bit expected but that does not take anything away from the character development and build up. A timely reminder that everything within your life will not go to plan and quite frankly that is ok!

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