Inception (2010) Review


Dom Cobb is a thief who steals corporate secrets using a very advanced technology in dream-sharing and everything is about to become even more complex as he is offered a huge job of planting an idea into the mind of a CEO using the impossible method of inception.


The dream-sharing world is very complex as Cobb and Arthur have been working as extractors, using the technology to gain access to the subconscious of their targets. By doing this they usually get the information due to this being a time where people are vulnerable within the dream and easily give out information. But the big job they take on is not to find out information but to plant an idea into the person, something that is not actually believed to be possible.

Cobb and his team are hired by Saito who actually had them mark him as a target so he could test their abilities. He then wanted them to convince Robert Fischer to dissolve his father Maurice’s company. You would think that Cobb would very easily pass on such a complex and dangerous job but Saito promises that he will clear his criminal status which would then allow him to return home to his children.

Within the team he had already been working with Arthur for many years, they then bring in Eames who is an identity forger, Yusuf a chemist who has a sedative and then Ariadne a young architecture student who must design the dream with layers and levels. It does not take long for Ariadne to meet Mal, part of Cobb’s subconscious who is a projection of his late wife. This certainly makes everything even more complicated for him as he cannot control her actions.

The pure brilliance of Inception is due to the dream within a dream, then within another dream and another. Looking at all the different levels that occur. The problem with the target in this case is that it is not going to be all that simple, usually within a dream if you die then you would wake up. At each level one person must stay behind to set up a “kick” this is to awaken the others from the deeper dream.

Something that they found was very important for your mind when you are in the dream or awake is to have a totem, something that you can use to be sure of what is a dream and what actually is reality. This is something very important for the ending of the film!

It is one of those films that make you doubt things, like the first dream you have after watching it. Kinda gives off a strange type of paranoia linked with it. I mean come on who hasn’t woken up from a dream and felt really strange about someone or really annoyed with what they did to you within the dream? I have on many occasions and it also raises the point about only remembering more of the middle of the dream. You never remember how it starts or how you got to that point.

A very deep and meaningful film that takes plenty of twists and turns. Fantastic performances were required to keep it engaging and we get that throughout the whole cast that are led in fantastic fashion by Leonardo DiCaprio. His charisma and general screen presence always make him a joy to watch and that is no different in this one. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is another that I just adore watching. Ellen Page is given a big and important role that she totally nails, seems a bit of a shame that she hasn’t had bigger roles over the past decade. I personally feel this is one of Tom Hardy’s better performances. Ken Watanabe is in a smaller role but very effective. Then we get Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy and Marion Cotillard taking up the smaller supporting roles but each bringing so much to the screen. Michael Caine in somewhat of a cameo but he is a must in all Christopher Nolan films!

I saw this film for the very first time on the big screen on 21st July 2010 and was blown away by it then and still am each and every time I watch it. I was so blown away that I could not even manage to review it then. I have watched it many times in the past decade and still never been able to sort out an actual review for the film. It is unique in my opinion and is truly on another level when it comes to filmmaking and a thrilling idea and story.

Something about Inception is to ensure you watch it on the biggest screen you have along with the volume as high as possible. That will give you such an amazing experience. The architecture changes within the film are breathtaking and utterly stunning, so much so that I actually find it hard to believe the film is so close to being ten years old. Visually it looks as good as anything else out there, the 4K UHD Blu-ray is well worth it.

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