The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story (2019) Review


A documentary looking into how Adam Lambert has become the new frontman for rock group Queen, helping the show to go on.


This documentary really is a true joy to watch from start to finish, Queen is one of the most popular rock bands of all time and I truly believe that everyone will have a time in their lives when they become fans of this band. My friends and myself very much went through this in the 00s and the songs where blasted in the back garden during my birthday parties in July. At one point I felt “Don’t Stop Me Now” was my ultimate trademark song.

I have seen Queen + Adam Lambert on two of the tours and both times were magically and a truly special moments. Considering i was only 4/5 years old when Freddie Mercury died I have obviously only seen the video footage of the legendary gigs that Queen played. He was truly on another level and what I love about this documentary is that it makes it very clear that Queen never went out looking to replace Freddie. Adam Lambert coming into the band just sorta happened and it was like fate.

The documentary is split into two parts, that being the background of Queen and then the rise of Adam Lambert and his time on American Idol. Something that marked the first playing together was that in the final of the show, Lambert didn’t win which was truly shocking but could well be better in the long run looking at his career.

Brian May and Roger Taylor are both very honest about everything within this and after Freddie died they didn’t really want to play anymore, which is very understandable and how they truly believed the 1992 tribute show with so many characters from around the world of music. All different styles to step in for Freddie.

Having seen them perform twice and already being a big Adam Lambert fan from his solo career after American Idol it was all very exciting. I am hoping that this documentary will make so many people realise that it is truly a perfect fit, they aren’t replacing Freddie but the show is going on. Seeing Killer Queen the first time was on another level from Lambert, he is a showman and performer who has quite a lot of musical theatre background as well which certainly helps. Plus his voice as well is just well unreal!

A tribute to Freddie Mercury is fitting within this film and it is a true joy to watch from start to finish. Something I have adored with both tours I was it is Brian May singing Love of My Life with Freddie joining him on the screen, something you get to see within the film as well.

Listening to so many acts from different generations having love for Queen is exactly what this band needs to continue on and forward. You don’t get music like this anymore and that is a real shame and also the reason classic rock is my all time favourite genre!

2015 in Newcastle
2017 in Newcastle

2 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story (2019) Review

  1. Is this on Netflix? I know I saw it listed somewhere recently and thought I must watch that! I saw the pre-Lambert live gig, with Paul Rogers, and it was *amazing*. I can only imagine how much more so this is!

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