Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) Review


Sinbad is framed with stealing the Book of Peace and his childhood friend Prince Proteus trusts that Sinbad will prove his worth in returning it that’s he offers his own life.


Sinbad and his pirate crew attempt to steal a magical ‘Book of Peace’ and wanted to hold it to ransom before retiring to Fiji. The issue with this was it was being protected by his best friend from childhood Prince Proteus but he tries to steal it anyway and the ship is attacked by Cetus dragging Sinbad into the water.

Lady Marina is engaged to Proteus and she goes with Sinbad on the quest to get the book back, as she pretty much does not trust him. This then sees her becoming rather essential to the crew and on the ship, saving all of the men when they enter a strange mermaid type mythical creatures in part of the sea. This was something that was quite interesting in the long haul of the film. A strong female character that did not need saving in an animated film from 2003 must have been groundbreaking right?

In the process of being on the quest it was obvious that a love triangle was going to form and Marina was a big factor in Sinbad choosing the life he had been leading. With that though it is an enjoyable enough film that has a few different things going on for it. I was quite impressed with it overall and I have actually wanted to watch it for a long time now being a big Catherine Zeta Jones fan and this being voice work for her. Along with her we also have Brad Pitt, Michelle Pfeiffer and Joseph Fiennes.

With the changes in animation in recent years I actually enjoyed watching this style of what I see as classic animation style. It was nice enough to look at and that was a very good thing going for it. The story was engaging enough and that is pretty much all we want from this type of film right?

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