Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) Review


Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Erickdottir are given the chance to live out a childhood dream of performing at the Eurovision Song Contest representing their country Iceland.


Lars was obsessed with the Eurovision Song Contest the moment he first saw ABBA perform, as a child who was not interested in anything given his mother had left and was not really feeling the love from his father Erick. Sigrit a family friend was a mute and with Lars and the music she began to speak. That is the placement of how the whole dream became a thing for Lars and no matter how much everyone laughed at him he kept going towards it. Along with his father being extremely critical towards him.

By a strange turn of events when Iceland are selecting the entries for the next competition and they have a truly amazing singer who they believe could win, but that isn’t what the people in charge want. They saw the competition as something that would truly bankrupt the country and they could not afford to actually host it if they won. Just for people who don’t know much about this crazy competition, if you win you must then host it the following year.

Some people go totally crazy over the contest and it just have a rather cult following. I will admit that in more recent years I haven’t been interested at all. At one point I used to just watch the results to see the UK score a lovely nil point! I did enjoy that small joke within the film as well, something that might be lost on a lot of people. But they are right nobody likes the UK! The voting is amusing though as countries that share borders tend to give the higher points to those countries regardless of the song.

The musical numbers are set up in the same flamboyant style that we see during the actual contest and we do get some past winners coming together for a Believe by Cher melody which saw the film breakout like a musical, I can openly admit that I loved that part. Everything about the film is very hit miss though, but a comedy that I actually laughed at with some ridiculous moments. The running time was probably just a little bit too long and if it was shorter might have been even more enjoyable. This is probably the film we all need to watch right now though being in lockdown, or coming out of lockdown. Its a little bit of mad fun, with truly terrible accents!

We do however need to take a moment to appreciate just how good Rachel McAdams is in comedy films! We saw that in The dark comedy of Game Night but this one is more full on comedy and she does it all so well. Will Ferrell is as we would expect but I feel more laughs than cringes in this one, his career swings very finely between those two things. Pierce Brosnan watching ABBA on the television was something that I found hilarious given his Mamma Mia performance, so fair play for that! The scene stealing performance very much comes from Dan Stevens though, everything he did was so amusing.

Over the top but managing to be funny at times was something that creates an enjoyable comedy film, yes really I have just said a comedy film was enjoyable that does not happen very often!

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