Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) Review


The Style Boyz had a lot of success as a rap/pop boyband and when Conner is attempting to go solo everything goes wrong for him and he will stop at nothing to maintain his celebrity status conner4real.


Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is actually hilarious, that’s right a comedy that is actually funny! I had never ever actually fancied watching this film but after hearing only good things about it I decided to eventually join the party. Everything about it is so ridiculous and crazy that it turns into a fantastic film to watch when you need to laugh.

The format of the film is in a music documentary and I feel that is what makes it even better. Conner Friel was supposedly a musical prodigy and forms The Style Boyz with his childhood friends Lawrence Dunn and Owen Bouchard. When an argument occurs between Conner and Lawrence he goes solo as Conner4real relegating Owen to becoming a DJ. Lawrence then becomes a farmer, yes really!

Connquest is the album in which we witness the launch and failure of, which is given the worst reviews possible. The true genius of the film though is having so many stars playing themselves, which makes it all feel that even more real. Plus showing that they have a sense of humour to poke fun at the crazy world they work and live within.

Even though it would only have been filmed five years ago with the release a year later it was totally on the social media impact of everything blowing up instantly and how damaging it can be. Those parts of the film again are hilarious, especially when his new on stage trick goes terribly wrong! Then from this his decision making to try and change peoples opinions of him becomes an obsession, an attempt of a romantic proposal involving wolves and Seal is another highlight.

Andy Samberg is delightful in the leading role and very quickly manages to get you to not really like Conner in all honesty. He doesn’t really have many qualities that are likeable and for me that shows a good performance. Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer offer good support and make some scenes even better just with their presence. In terms of the cameos I felt as though Simon Cowell offering thoughts on them added to the realism. Seal was the biggest highlight, Pink was brilliant, Michael Bolton was another good one and Martin Sheen with a lovely fight was scene stealing!

Along with the comedy from within the scene and the ridiculous nature of it all the songs were on another level of comedy. This allowed more of the cameos with the musicians getting involved with the songs, again showing that they really do have a sense of humour and getting involved in the film. Giving it that real life documentary feel was certainly the reason I ended up finding it very funny and at least now I can understand why it received so many positive reviews. A shame that it only grossed $9 million when its budget was $20 million on its cinema release, don’t we all need to laugh more?

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