Gemini Man (2019) Review


Henry Brogan is a retiring assassin and finds himself up against a killer who can predict his every move, the reason behind that? He is being hunted by a clone of himself who is much younger!


Henry is coming to the end of his career and looking forward to retirement. Although it does not seem that he is going to be allowed to retire when his life is suddenly in danger. First the threat came from Danny Zakarewski was watching his every move, but this was something he easily picked up on and they begin working together. He was a former Marine Scout Sniper and had been working for the Defence Intelligence Agency.

The best part of the story has to be between Henry and Danny, as he sees it his responsibility to look after her, considering the agency tried to kill her as well. Junior is then next on the scene and he looks very familiar thats for sure! Adopted son of Clay and after some DNA sampling its revealed that Juniors DNA is exactly the same as Henry’s. Confirming that he is indeed his younger clone! Despite a Will Smith v Will Smith fight scene it is not enough to save the film in my opinion, the story is rather weak considering we know everything already from the trailer and posters. Surely it could have worked better to keep that big reveal a surprise? Instead we already know that we get two Will Smith’s, although I don’t think they actually needed to make him look younger, he’s looked the same for about thirty years now.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is given a good amount of screen time, I just find it a shame the material wasn’t better. I have been impressed with her in Birds of Prey and 10 Cloverfield Lane, so nice to see her continuing with the action side of her career with this one but i feel she could have been given more. Will Smith was willing to poke fun at being older now with a few jokes about him being 51 thrown in for the character. None of this was enough to save it though, I really did want to like it as well. Clive Owen is the bad guy and that is something I have longed to see, but maybe not with a slightly dodgy American accent which did not sound great at all.

Gemini Man felt more like a film from the 90s rather than 2019, which was a bit of a shame really. It lacked any real go about it and quite frankly I ended up not even caring about what Gemini was or why they were doing it.

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