Identity Thief (2013) Review


Sandy Patterson is a businessman in Denver but when he realises his identity has been stolen due to bank charges and parking tickets in Florida he travels to find the woman who has done this.


Everything about Identity Thief is just quite frankly terrible, the fact that the police would not actually do anything for Sandy and he goes to get the woman who find to actually be called Diana and bring her back to Denver. Because of her antics he instantly loses an amazing new job he had just started. So you can at least understand his reasons for doing it, to get his job back.

I laughed once throughout the whole film and that was a car scene where Diana was singing over the top to the song on the radio, to which Sandy changes to another radio station but bang she knows that song as well, which happens a few times. I did think that was funny and laughed out loud. Other than that though I did not laugh at anything else, it was all just too stupid or dumb to actually find funny. (In my personal opinion of course).

As Sandy gets to know Diana he actually begins to feel sorry for her despite the amount of money she charged to all of his cards not forgetting the number of driving regulations she built up, but would that not actually be something that he should not have received due to the photo on the driving licence? Even with the same number surely it would not show up properly in the systems and she should have been found out for having a fake licence? Then throw in some hitmen as well, you know just for good measure.

Over the years Melissa McCarthy has built up a very mixed filmography and her comedy films are very hit or miss. This one was a big miss and it has to be more down to the story and script because some of the physical comedy is very similar to other films but just did not work here in the best manner. Then the fact that Jason Bateman is acting opposite her in this one as I feel his career is very similar to hers in terms of having many hit or miss comedy films, although as much as I always seem to like him is films have more misses than hits.

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