Artemis Fowl (2020) Review


In Ireland 12 year old genius Artemis Fowl Jr must team up with his faithful servant, a dwarf and a fairy in order to rescue his father Artemis Fowl Sr.


I have no prior knowledge of Artemis Fowl, this film is loosely based on a novel of the same name from 2001. Going into a film blind in terms of knowing anything about it can sometimes work out in the best possible way, that was not the case for this film. I constantly felt like I was missing vital information and didn’t really have much of a clue what was happening throughout. Other than it being in Ireland along with Irish fairy tales.

Haven City is deep underground the home to a secret world of fairies. Then we have Mulch who is a dwarf thief who is actually oversized to be a dwarf, yes I don’t really get it either but he did look rather like Hagrid. The fairies have elf like ears and the costumes were nothing spectacular. I cannot even say I was impressed with how it looked visually either as it is just all so unmemorable.

Just when we thought Dame Judi Dench couldn’t slip any lower after Cats she has managed to shock everyone again with her strange Irish accent and a very cringeworthy moment of being a leprechaun “top o the mornin to you” seriously what on earth? When you have a film that has a kid in the leading role it is essential that the character is relatable and more importantly likeable, that is not something that was achieved in this film. The character was very wooden and thought he was better than everyone else, not a great way to then try and lead the film. Colin Farrell doesn’t have the biggest role and quite frankly that is always a shame isn’t it? Although does he have some kind of Disney contract going on as this is his third dad outing (Saving Mr Banks and Dumbo). Then we have Josh Gad going for a rougher role as the dwarf rather than his usual happy voice work.

Having now watched the film though I have then done a few searches around Artemis Fowl and it comes across that he was supposed to be a criminal and that doesn’t really come across within the film. I am pretty sure the way it is set up is that he is our hero?

The film is probably quite an anomaly considering it was due for cinema release but has since been released onto Disney+ because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I guess it would have been quite interesting to see how this would have done at the box office but then surely people paying extra money outside of a subscription to watch this would have been a massive waste! I would say this is just as bad as Wrinkle in Time which I unfortunately did sit through at the cinema. It seems Disney has lost a little bit of magic on these adaptations when it all just seems to be failing.

How can something with magic and fairies be so incredibly boring and dull? The only impressive thing about Artemis Fowl was managing to make a film that was just less than 90 minutes in length feel more like three hours!

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