Hot Summer Nights (2017) Review


Daniel had always lived a rather sheltered life but that was all going to change during the summer of 1991 when he spends it getting rich from selling drugs with bad boy Hunter. Although it doesn’t take long for them to be well out of their depth when it comes to the gangsters involved.


Hunter had the biggest bad boy reputation around Cape Cod and that was something he seemed to play on. Although not all of it was actually true, or was it? That is the manner in which it tries to come across but after the initial fifteen minutes of the film I wasn’t overly bothered anymore. The introduction to the two main characters was probably the best thing about the film in all honesty and it goes off on a slippery downwards slope after that.

The unlikely pairing of awkward Daniel and bad boy Hunter is not really all that believable and even more so when Daniel is then brought into the drug dealing game buying the drugs from Dex. Then you throw in the first love which just happens to be Hunter’s sister McKayla, something he warns Daniel against.

The thing is though the characters were not engaging enough and the chemistry between the supposed in love couple was very poor as well. That is surely essential in this first love coming of age drama? That is what I would have expected.

Timothee Chalamet is an actor you have probably heard a lot about and this is the same type of awkward role that he has done many times now (expect Beautiful Boy of course). Maybe he has been slightly typecast but he does have a big career ahead of him that is for sure, this film was out the same year as Call Me By Your Name which is possibly why it has gone more under the radar?

Along with Chalamet I wasn’t overly impressed with Maika Monroe or Alex Roe but I don’t feel they were really given the best script to work with and it was all a little lacklustre.

Considering we have been overrun with coming of age films over the past few years this goes into the instantly forgettable and doesn’t really offer anything new or unique in that special genre.

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