Anon (2018) Review


Sal Frieland is a detective in a world where crime is almost gone and you do not have any anonymity due to a government mandated implant that everyone has within their eyes!


Sal would doubt everything though when he passes a woman in the street one day who appears as an error and her data is not found. This causes him to try everything to find out where she is, how and why her data is not visible. The Girl is able to access peoples visual record and erase certain parts, this then links to a murder where they could not easily solve it due to the responsible person being deleted from memories of the victims.

This film is a Sky Cinema original and I eventually caved to watch it after seeing it advertised with an extended feature a few times. Something I am now wishing I hadn’t seen. The idea behind the film of a future world where crime is no longer and then people playing the system has been done before and in a better manner it has to be said.

In an attempt to get to know the girl Sal goes undercover as a stoke broker and has an affair with a hooker in order to make contact with her to then delete this memory as he made a mistake. This escalates from there forward and the pair have an affair as well, which in all honesty didn’t really make a massive amount of sense. That was something else that I did not enjoy about the film was the random sex scenes that really did not need to be seen other than the fact it was from a different angle with the technology. It didn’t really seem to be in with the plot and more to just have some nudity on screen?

I have always been quite a fan of Clive Owen so was looking forward to seeing him in a leading role again. While he was still given the chance for his charisma to show through, he wasn’t really given a whole lot to work with and this left everything rather flat and quite frankly boring. Then having Amanda Seyfried was always going to be difficult as I am yet to even like any of her roles, certainly not a fan of hers at all. Starting to maybe think I should not make any effort to watch her films.

Could have been so much better than it was in the reality given the way we are constantly tracked now with smart phones and watches and constantly being on camera. Surely an idea like this has been talked about by governments many times now? I would certainly expect so!

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